About Us

I grew up working in my family business, first cleaning carpets with my dad at Ultra Clean and then installing carpet for Peifer’s Carpet, our family store. My dad was also involved in many housing projects throughout the years. In 1999, we started building our first house together and completed Eric Peifermany projects together. In 2002, we incorporated our business, officially starting CONSTRUCTION BY PEIFER’S, INC.

Having been involved in a family business for all my life, from fixing the carpet cleaning trucks to building 8 rental properties, I have learned to tackle any project. I enjoy construction, because it presents a new challenge every day.

Since 2004 I have taken the lead in the business. I will meet with you, bid out your job, and I will be there every day, working to complete your project.

Although my father is now gone, I am thankful for all the things he has taught me over the years. I hope to teach the same things to my children and to one day work with my son.